mathias duhamel focussing on music and painting


The most beautiful emotions come from the consciousness of living ephemeral moments. It could be the definition of music. Everything that is ephemeral must therefore be considered as music. This applies to Mathias Duhamel's live painting. His art is based on the appearance and disappearance of matters, shapes and colors over time and not on their final organization on a canvas.


In concert, Mathias Duhamel acts as a soloist painter who performs works of classical and contemporary composers according to his pictorial score. Like a succession of movie scenes, his work evolves throughout the concert time by conforming to the temporal rules of music, rhythms and movements. When the music ends, the visual melody becomes silent at the same time. Only memory preserves the lived emotions.


Mathias Duhamel also creates paintings in the silence of his studio. Silence is another music that resonates internally and provides another form of inspiration. The works made in the studio are just as close to a musical writing. The studio is used like a silent laboratory of sound researches. Mathias Duhamel has been experimenting with different techniques since many years.


Mathias Duhamel was born in 1956. Trained at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Amiens and then at the High School of Applied Arts in Paris, he has been following a long artistic career between architecture, the press industry and the advertising artistic direction before to devote himself to painting from 1998. He is also songwriter author. Interested in the art of theater, Mathias Duhamel began to gather music and painting on stage from 2006. His performances are often imagined after meetings with music directors, orchestras, quartets, soloists or small groups of musicians. His live performances of live painting and music, which he calls "Concerts de Peinture", have already taken place in Paris and in various cities in France, New York and Moscow.