mathias duhamel focussing on music and painting with blue paint brush


Music is a sound matter that exists only through the succession of notes in a temporal scrolling. Mathias Duhamel has the same vision about painting: a pictorial matter in movement in time. On stage, the artist is at the opposite of the traditional vision of painting which defends a definitive organization of forms and colors in a surface. His art is based on the appearance and disappearance of abstract scenes on the same support. By using the material of paint as a musical instrument, Mathias Duhamel proposes a conception analogous to the work of play directors or film directors. Each scene is a new wave of paints that covers the previous one and evokes changing feelings or sensations.


In the context of written music, classical or contemporary, Mathias Duhamel acts as a soloist painter and writes his own painting score beforehand, giving his personal interpretation of the composers' works. The painting evolves throughout the concert by conforming to the rhythms and movements of the musical score. In the context of improvised music, the musicians and the painter are in a totally instinctive approach of natural dialogue between two artists who discover each other. Nothing is written in advance and the emotion comes from the game of questions and answers between sound and visual matter. In both cases, when the music ends, the visual melody becomes silent at the same time. This can sometimes go so far as to make the work disappear on stage. As after listening to music, only the memory keeps the emotions experienced.


Mathias Duhamel was born in 1956. Trained at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Amiens and then at the High School of Applied Arts in Paris, he has been following a long artistic career between architecture, the press industry and the advertising artistic direction before to devote himself to painting from 1998. He is also songwriter author. Interested in the art of theater, Mathias Duhamel began to gather music and painting on stage from 2006. Since then, he has been collaborating with soloists, quartets, orchestras and composers. His performances of live painting and music, which he calls "Concerts de Peinture" in French, have already taken place in Paris, Lille, Canterbury, Atlanta, New York, Brooklyn, Moscow and many other cities.